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Will the Outcome of the Election Have an Impact on My Business? Already Has!

09.08.16 Posted in Economic Forecasting, Entrepreneurship, Policy by

More so than in the past elections, this contest (in 2016) is causing many businesses to hold back investment in business expansion until after the November election. Why is this so? I would argue for the simple reason that we really have very clear, major differences in Clinton’s and Trump’s economic platforms. Consequently, the result […]

A Method for Growth in Times of Uncertainty

09.03.16 Posted in Business Launches, Entrepreneurship, Resources by

Let me share with you a tried and true approach to seizing the day during times of market uncertainty. OK, now what? You clamped down on all hiring, spending and growth initiatives due to all the pessimistic economic reports, the fiscal cliff, healthcare reform, the Mayan calendar etc. and you have now entered a new […]

Decide to Grow…A Case for Optimism

08.30.16 Posted in Business Launches, Entrepreneurship by

Being a native of New England and having spent many summer days on the coast of Maine, I have experienced a phenomenon called by locals as a “Sea Turn.” It’s a back door cold front that comes barreling down the coast, causing the temperature to drop sometimes twenty degrees in five minutes with the winds […]

Successful Launches Don’t Just Happen

10.21.15 Posted in Business Launches by

NASA never stops innovating. Every procedure, process and part on the shuttle goes through a complete, objective peer review to improve on the next launch. Nothing is sacred. Are we ready to commit financial resources to an idea or an idea and a plan? Are we prepared? Have we completed a detailed market analysis? Do we know our competition? Strengths? Weaknesses? Have we correctly branded and positioned this venture correctly? Have we set accountability standards with each detail?

The Entrepreneurial Mystique

09.15.15 Posted in Entrepreneurship by

What is the entrepreneurial mystique? It’s not magic, it’s not mysterious, and it has nothing to do with the genes. It’s a discipline. And, like any discipline, it can be learned.” Peter Drucker, 1985 Recently I attended a Boston College CEO luncheon event which had John Chambers, CEO of Cisco Systems, presenting his vision for the future of Cisco. John did an excellent job and presented several great takeaways from this event. At the core of the presentation, however, John exemplified the management discipline of an entrepreneur.

Business Launch – 101

12.21.12 Posted in Business Launches, Resources by

Below is a simple outline for a business launch. It’s the rough structure of a more comprehensive planning process and will give you quick insights into the new venture you may be considering… What is the opportunity? – Not a hunch but a clearly analyzed and defined opportunity with hard facts to support why there […]