What We Do

What do we do?

– We bring hands-on entrepreneurial experience to correctly launch good product and business ideas.

– We quickly convert your vision into real, measurable financial returns.

– We bring immediate value, focus, and structure to your new product and new ventures.

– We create new, sustainable, scalable business growth.

– We provide an unbiased view for investors to markets, operating leadership, to sell-side/buy-side acquisition opportunities.

How do we do it?

– We take over 30 years of new venture and capital sourcing experience with both the Fortune 500 and stand-alone start-ups and provide it to other visionaries. (Link to my Bio)

Our roles:

– An advisor to senior leadership in the launch of a new product or new venture

– An interim senior executive to successfully plan, target and lead the launch of a new venture

– A change agent in an operating or board role to bring innovation and leadership to an organization

– A market or business analyst providing due diligence in new investment opportunities

Why do we do it?

Two primary reasons; First, it’s is our passion, creating something from nothing is a huge accomplishment no matter how large or small. Second; we’ve learned from our mistakes providing the benefit of best–in-class new venture leadership to advise and grow our client companies.