Engagement Overview

New Ventures / Capital Sourcing Can Help You Take New Ground

Our firm’s primary focus is to accelerate and/or create income growth opportunities for our clients to reduce the real risk in achieving your growth targets and to create sustainable momentum for new profits. We are confident we will provide immediate positive impact for your organization, product or business initiative and gladly provide you recommendations and endorsements from our clients.

Our terms for engagement our also simple; we provide (2) day, (4) day, or custom actionable engagements with your organization’s performance tied to a portion of our compensation.

Typical focused analysis and actionable results:

  1. Sales Analysis – Benchmark, fine-tune CRM and/or coach to improve sales activity performance, closing ratios and sales operations.
  2. C-Level Rainmaker – a resource to provide new connections for immediate growth in several industries, emerging markets and functions.
  3. Market Analysis – Market Analysis with Business/Product launch strategies to plan for sustainable growth.
  4. Innovation analysis –“rethink” or recast your intellectual property (IP) to improve upon product/service offerings ROI in possible emerging growth markets.
  5. Brand Analysis – “refresh” or recast your brand and product position to obtain brand leadership.
  6. Operational leadership – or guidance to optimize the organization and scale for sustainable financial growth.
  7. Resource – A due diligence resource for both buy-side and sell-side transactions.

The level and scope varies depending on the project and requirement. All initiatives will be led by Rich Hennessey.

To inquire, call or write any time

Rich Hennessey, Managing Partner
T: 772.473.1439
Vero Beach, Florida
E: [email protected].com